Rooted Ft. Abramelon


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Abramelon //
Ambitious lethargy when she's next to me. Sex or sleep, we rest in deep complex complete ecstasy. My neck could bleed from your pressing teeth just to see affection leak. Watch this erection peak into the heavens sheath. Spread for me. After the spreads are clean she starts testing me picking at my maturity infectiously. Only words burn me but hurt less than a speck of bleach on a bruised knuckle. Sometimes this room is trouble. The door stands loose and pummeled. the next morning we truced while coupled. Male to female friction in a box that's gripping truth through it's tunnel. You make me a man though proof is subtle. For you I'm humbled.

Thisis //
Empty when I left
Because the structure crumbled
Feral werewolf no rebuttal
Digging up thought till I puddle
but I buried my throne like bat cave
so my raps wave like hello aloe on my wounds
I'm coming out of the gallows just to swoon
a little lovely paddle out and catch a bug like tap water
I oughtta sail out then sell out Luke warm I'm your father
plenty of fish to mingle with but I'm a sea breeze
so salty when I would have to be another enitity
but now I get flashbacks of lingerie on my a-b day
see all these dos i don't but I never look away
I write down everything I see
Experience etched into loose leaves

Jedi no exit
It's the entrance I question

Rooted but I always come back to the same place stupid
There he go again
All his money spent
There he go again

Yeah I uses to feel lost
Watch me take off, flight
Yeah they see me once and then I'm out of sight
I'm in fear of loathing my choices
In the desert the wind blows like the ocean
Salty water ways find and funnel praise
No religion but of course I keep my faith I please my taste


released May 20, 2017
produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Thisis Thurgood





Im a one man meat.



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